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Candy Dish: Candy, Parties, Cupcakes…it’s Halloween!

• New Jersey is good for something this Halloween season: Pumpkins grow on trees!

• You have no excuse not to smile today. It turns out that we all want to be happy and we think good things will happen to us no matter our present situation! Some call that optimism…some call it crazy…either way, we’re hard-wired for it.

• Halloween is all about having fun! Don’t count out video games, ladies!

Video: Dogs like Halloween too!

• Don’t go to those costume parties empty-handed! Bake up a batch of spider cakes, wicked witch cupcakes, or Braaaaiiinnnsss!!

•Looking for someone to be the Ketchup to your Mustard? Try online dating!

Video: Sugar-powered rocket engine? Sounds delicious!

Ghost Ridin’? Sounds spooky!

No News is Bad News
No News is Bad News
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