Who’s Hollywood’s Ultimate Hottie?

EW.com has decided that it’s time to finally answer the question of “Hollywood’s Hottest” by putting it up to YOU, the reader.

While some may favor the old-school charm actors like Paul Newman and Clark Gable, there’s no discounting the boys of today like do-gooder Leonardo DiCaprio and bad boy Mark Wahlberg.

Do you agree with their choices? What about the EW’s readers choices? It’s pretty obvious that choices like Eric Bana and Joaquin Phoenix are there for the right (gorgeous!) while dudes like Jon BonJovi and Gerard Butler make the list cause they’ve got something to sell (or a career to save!) but, who knows? When it comes to hotties…to each their own!

Who’s missing? Who doesn’t deserve to be in the running to become Hollywood’s Ultimate Hottie? Check out the Ultimate Hottie Gallery after the jump!


In the Future, it’s All About Hot or Not
In the Future, it’s All About Hot or Not
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