Battle of the Nerds!

• Dorks need to get their anger out somewhere…and you know they aren’t going to the gym!

• “It was an incredible experience. There was smoke coming out of my arm and my burnt flesh smelled like a cross between chicken and bacon.” Incredible indeed.

Video: Our Vlogger is back! Let Jen share her “Deal Breakers” with you and share your own!

• Why is calling a bar Drunkenstein’s a liability? You go to a bar to get drunk even if it was called Soberstein’s, so what’s the problem?

They were going to Miami! Of course he was drunk!

• Have a little extra time in the morning? Let us tell you why you should get it on in the AM!

COED Magazine lists the 20 Rules of Boozing!

My Freshman Year: Day 69
My Freshman Year: Day 69
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