Cure for the Neanderthal

Let’s face it. Not all of your boyfriends are going to be bronzed Adonis’s, chiseled-like statues and ripe to become Calvin’s next boxer-brief model.

Nope… just like you girls, every single guy carries a unique body, and among the variables that you’re apt to come across are the various amounts of body hair.

Of all of men’s body features, body hair is the one that seems to conjure up the most dissension among women. Some girls actually like body hair, think it denotes manliness, and enjoy playing with it when they are frolicking around with a guy. Some girls really couldn’t care less either way, which I admire.

But there are quite a few girls who think body hair is among the more disgusting features that a guy can have, and would rather die than get close with a guy who’s showing even the slightest bit of chest hair through his button down shirt.

However, despite the fact that some girls are OK with body hair, hair appearing on a guy’s back is almost universally reviled. And as a long time member of the incredibly exclusive Hairy Back Club (I’ll actually be announcing my candidacy to be its next president sometime in the near future), I don’t really get this massive aversion.

Sure, I guess it’s unsightly, but it’s not like it’s different hair than what’s on a guy’s chest, legs or arms. Moreover, as far as I can tell, there doesn’t seem to be some new movement that I’m unaware of which involves making out with a guy’s back, nor do our backs feature any major erogenous zones, so aesthetic reasons aside, there’s really no good explanation.

Still, girls don’t like it, and that generally means that we guys have to change our ways. But if your guy has any self-respect at all, he’s probably not likely to sprint for the door to get his back professionally lasered, or heaven forbid, waxed.

Luckily for you girls who find yourselves involved with a hairy guy, there’s finally a tool for guys to get rid of that hair themselves, if they so choose. Yes, for just $29.99 you can get your man his very own iShave, which is basically an electric razor that’s attached to one of those back-scratchers you can buy at on the street for two dollars.

Simply ingenious.

So if you’re having trouble conjuring up an affordable but useful gift, perhaps the iShave is exactly what the good doctor ordered. Sure, you’re guy might be a bit offended, but I’m sure you can assuage him if you tell him exactly how well you’ll treat him when his back is finally as smooth as a baby’s backside.

Wonderbras Are Wonderful Sometimes
Wonderbras Are Wonderful Sometimes
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