Biggest Loser, Not Survivor for Fat People

 I am over weight. That’s right, I know I am. I am not happy, I don’t “love being curvy” – that is all bullshit talk for people like me to feel ok with being fat. The media, regardless of what everyone says, either bombards you with: be jealous you are not skinny or stay fat and be happy about it. There was never a whole lot out there about seeking out a healthier lifestyle. Then came The Biggest Loser.

I finally felt like there was a television show that understood me. That was, until this week. Neil, Ryan, and Amy – those fat bastards – turned the only pure television experience I have as an overweight, uninspired young woman into Survivor for fatties. Those f**kers “played the game,” which is code for turning into cowardly assholes, and gained weight on purpose thereby throwing off the whole comeradery of the show and its audience.

I am horrified, as a fan and as a person struggling with my own weight, that this show has turned into people sling-shotting their own weight to “play the game.” If that is the game, then I don’t want to watch anymore. Short of having them eat animal entrails, this show has turned into a farce. I watched because I needed to be inspired. Being foolishly inpired by these people, I have worked my way to losing 6.5 lbs. Not a big deal by any stretch, but you know what? It is time to inspire myself.

Losing weight at college, borders on f**king impossible. Between the drinking, cafeteria food and late night studying, it is NOT easy. Add to that, tomorrow is Halloween and now I have to watch all these skinny sorority ho-bags dress like french maids, or cats or whatever the hell the whore outfit is this year. All I am saying, is that I can’t look to TV shows to be inspired.

I have been writing for CollegeCandy for a while now, and all the time I have been trying to figure out where this is going. For me, it is an outlet – an outlet to try and find a way for us all to relate. Tonight, I learned it is ok to not be happy with my weight, but it is not a game. I need to take my life in my hands. Not through watching TV looking for inspiration, but rather inspiring myself at the expense of idiots who parade themselves as fools for all the world to see.

Thank you.

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