Costume Ideas for the Broke and Lazy!

Last Saturday in Manhattan, I saw every costume imaginable. Swarms of bees, a duo from the Great Gatsby, a Pharaoh, Cat Woman, Sponge Bob, even a seriously drunk Teletubby. Everyone came out to play.But the best costume of the night went to the super skinny hipster boy standing right near my L train exit on Bedford. He was about as authentic as an Amy Winehouse imposter can be: short shorts, ratty white tank, beehive and thick black eyeliner. He was unmistakable replica. And it probably only cost him the price of a black wig.

If you’re broke or lazy or broke AND lazy (like me!) Halloween is more of an inconvenience than it is a good time. So instead of being Debbie Downer (hey, costume idea!) by not dressing up, here are some cheap ideas that are easy to put together on the fly.

Like say tonight… or tomorrow.

Easy DIY Ideas:

Amy Winehouse

Miss South Carolina

Drunk David Hasselhoff (get drunk…eat a burger…done!)

Oscar de la Hoya in drag

Print out Masks:

Obama, Brit Brit, Putin, Fred Thompson, Ron Paul and Ahmadinejad

Larry Craig

Star Wars

A Pug or a kitten

A slew of masks from Forbes

If I didn’t have to dress up for work, I would totally be a Blythe doll! So adorable!

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