Today I’m Going to Buy Music Like It’s 1999

The inner 7th grader in me is SUPER excited today.Why may you ask? Well its the day before Halloween. And whether I’m fourteen or forty-four the day before Halloween is filled with a sense of excitement.

Decorations are up, candy is in position, pumpkins are carved and costumes are ready. Everything is in its place and the young-at-heart-part of me has ants in my pants and is tired of waiting!

But that isn’t the only reason that today feels a bit more like 1999 than 2007. In 1999, you turned on TRL or the Today Show and who did you see?

Britney Spears or the Backstreet Boys singing to screaming pre-pubescent girls pronouncing their love with tears of adoration.

Flash forward to October 30th 2007: Turn on the Today Show and who do you see?

Post-pubescent girls still screaming their hearts out for the BSB.

Pull out your butterfly clips and Kipling back-pack purses girls:

Britney’s latest release Blackout and BSB’s Unbreakable (both aptly titled) are hitting stores today!

Let your inner teeny-bopper out. You know you remember the “Backstreet’s Back” dance (because you did it at every party/bar-mitzvah/alone in your room) Bust out a little. You know you want to. I won’t judge (i’m doing it too!) You know you miss the days of sugary pop that you can so easily belt out in your car or shower.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. We had a good thing going with pop and I’m Pumped with a capital P that it’s kinda-sorta back.

If this was 1999, their albums would be flying off the shelves selling millions in its first week. While that may or may not be the case this time around, aren’t you curious to hear what your teen idols are bringing this time around? (you know, besides shaving their heads and becoming tabloid fodder?)

I am! We can all use a little more feel good music.

For more info on the Backstreet Boys album and appearances click here

For more info on Britney click here (or turn to any tabloid)

What do you think about the return of our pop-stars post the pop-music phenomenon? Will you buy their albums? Do you think they’ll top the charts? Let us know after you listen!

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