Buy Green or Go Home!

Thanks to one Mr. Al Gore, I have been somewhat of a greenie (a friend of the planet, not the dog treat) for awhile now.

I have been spreading the word for months (like here) in hopes that I can get other people on board with me. Not because it is trendy or “in” right now, but because we don’t want our children to have to deal with such a mess of a planet later….or burst into flames because the earth has gotten so hot.

And I have met a lot of apprehension along the way:

“But I really love my Hummer.”

“It’s so hard to be earth friendly!”


“Ew. Reuse someone else’s PAPER?!”

Ah; ignorance. How I loathe thee.

If people just sat down and listened for a few minutes they would realize just how simple it is to be earth friendly. I am not asking people to reuse their Ziploc bags (which I get made fun of for all the time) or stop using toilet paper. I am asking people to make teensy tiny changes to their daily routines that make virtually no difference to the user and a huge difference to the planet.

Since I last wrote about green items such as compact fluorescent bulbs and reusable grocery bags, a whole slew of new earth friendly products have surfaced. These hot new items are innovative, made from recycled products (to cut down on excess waste!) and yet another few easy ways for you to get a bit more green-ified. The best part, obviously, is that they don’t look like crunchy “Save the Planet” items; these are things you actually need and want.

1. Ashley Watson Bags: I know I mentioned these before, but they are so sexy I just had to show em off again. Recycled leather, my friends. Need I say more?

2. Preserve Razor Triple: Step away from the Quattro and all the wasted plastic used to make and package it. Opt for a recycled razor instead. The Preserve Razor Triple is made from recycled Stoneyfield Farm yogurt cups (which also happens to be an eco-friendly organic brand!)

3. Preserve Tumblers: The yogurt cups are coming back for round two with these recycled cups. Wouldn’t beer pong be so much more fun if you knew that the cups you were playing with were made from recycled materials (and could be recycled again?!) Imagine how much less trash there would be without the millions of wasted red solo cups being thrown out daily.

4. Recycled Socks: Ok, so people may be able to tell you’ve gone a little earthy in these little guys, but how awesome are they? Socks made out of ground up t-shirts? They are supposed to be extra cushy and durable, which make these the perfect workout accessory.

With new products like these popping up, going green is getting easier every day. And the excuses not to go green are slowly slipping away.

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