Gossip Roundup!

It’s Friday. I’m tired, you’re tired and it was Halloween this week which means we all have hangovers to get over! Sigh. After work/exams/class of course.

So here is a little gossip to keep your blues at bay until the weekend finally comes!

Ashley Olsen was spotted sucking face with Lance Armstrong at an NYC Hotel Bar on Monday. Apparently, they left together around 2 am. This Sunday, Lance will be partying down with his foundation at the restaurant where I work and if Ashley Olsen shows up, I might just pee my pants. (NY Post)

• Roberto Cavalli confirmed to the press that J.Lo is prego and he has been designing clothes for her as she grows. All this took place at the launch of his new Vodka. Yes, Vodka. Now we all knew J.Lo was preggers but what I want to know is why Roberto Cavalli is selling vodka. Last time I checked, fashion designers and disterllies had little in common. (People)

• The Catholics are fired up at Britney for pictures appearing in her new CD. In one, Britney is confessing, in the next she’s sitting on the priests lap. It’s about the only press she is getting from her new album since Jive has totally given up on her doing any promo for Blackout. And the courts agree she is still a bad mom. Oh, Britney. (ET Online, NY Daily News)

• J. Simp and Owen Wilson went on a date last Sunday out in LA. Shouldn’t he be worrying more about his recovery and less about Jessica Simpson’s breasts? Just saying… (http://www.nydailynews.com/gossip/bwiddicombe/2007/10/31/2007-10-31_for_owen_wilson_jessica_simpsons_just_wh.html”>Gatecrasher)

• Mischa’s little sister Hania has already got the troubled teen routine down. She arrived at a fashion show last week wasted and the designer wouldn’t let her walk. Apparently she already has one rehab stint under her belt. Bring on the next! (Page Six)

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