Out of Control Hair? Go Organic!

Guys aren’t the only ones afraid of commitment.

Ladies can be just as commitment-phobic as the hottie who is “just not ready for a relationship.”

Terms like “final sale,” “no samples” and “the tester is missing” are as terrifying to us ladies as hooking up with only one girl is to a guy.

Would you want to be stuck with a pair of jeans that looked great in the fitting room mirror but turned out, after closer home inspection, to be all in the lighting? Damn clothing-store fluorescent lighting.

And don’t we all wish we could try a beauty regimen before committing to it? (Note: importance of free samples and testers!)

Nothing is worse than full bottles of “instantly longer” locks shampoo and “miracle magic” hair treatments taking up the already limited space in your medicine cabinet.

Rather then pull your hair out in frustration, take yourself to Sephora where you will find Ojon’s five-piece “Try Me” Hair Ritual Kit: a complete hair-restoration ritual from native Tawira of Central America’s tropical rainforest, known as “the people of beautiful hair.”

Yes, it is another hair treatment, but this one works, trust us, and you can try it out before committing to a lifetime supply.

It works like this: Rare, organic Ojon oil adds incredible healing moisture at each stage of this five-step ritual to restore hair to a natural-looking beauty and healthy shine!

The kit includes: Ultra Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner; Restorative Hair Treatment; Revitalizing Mist; and Shine & Protect Glossing Mist.

Bonus: A portion of the profits from the sale of Ojon go directly to the Miskito Indian tribes to help preserve their traditional lifestyle as well as the rainforests of the region.

“Try Me” costs $45 and is Sephora- exclusive, found in stores and at sephora.com

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