E-Boost: It’ll Put a Spring in Your Step

Where other energy drinks barely deliver what they advertise – giving you a quick rush accompanied by a feeling of spacey-ness and lack of concentration – E-Boost picks you up while providing the B12 necessary to boost your mental alertness and immunity levels.

I’ve never been a coffee drinker and energy drinks are either too surgery, giving me a pounding headache or taste like ass but E-Boost tastes great (very similar to orange-flavored Gatorade or Tang!).

I never realized how unproductive I am between 11:30AM and my 2PM lunch break until I threw down a packet of E-Boost. It allowed me to properly organize the day’s tasks and start knocking them off from top to bottom. I was a first time user that got hooked right away.

E-Boost has no sugar, only 5 calories and tons of vitamins per packet. I wouldn’t say E-Boost is a miracle product because it won’t solve world hunger or cure AIDS but I can guarantee that it will give you the pick me up needed to make it through that grueling meeting and concentration needed to finish your work day 30 minutes early and over the course of a year those hours really add up.

Just add a packet to 8 oz of water, watch it fizz and get Boost’d!

Out of Control Hair? Go Organic!
Out of Control Hair? Go Organic!
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