Stop! And Watch Some Good TV

Ah, November. The banging pipes above my head at 4 AM signify that it is indeed fall, no matter how warm it was a few weeks ago.

Now that we’re safely into our fall school schedules, fall sweaters, and fall sleeping patterns (staying up too late doing work, waking up too early to go to class), I think its high time to share a few of my favorite televised reasons to push away that term paper.

In no particular order of awesomeness:

Chuck – Monday nights at 8/7 central, NBC – It’s very rare that a TV show makes me laugh out loud on purpose (I mean…Caveman? That just hilariously awful), but every week that I tune in, Chuck manages to make me chuckle.

The Mild-Mannered-Geek-Turned-Superspy plot allows for lots of explosions and cool fights, but it’s the interpersonal relationships between Chuck and the people around him that make this series truly pop.

Whether he’s stumbling awkwardly around his hot co-spy Sarah, dodging his sister’s (and lovably odd boyfriend’s) questions, or dealing with fellow nerd Morgan, Chuck’s life is never boring—so neither is the show.

Joshua Gomez stands out as the entertainingly awkward Morgan, and Adam Baldwin wins points for making his tough as nails spy John Casey funny when it counts most. As chuck’s sister, Sarah Lancaster is stable and adorable, while Yvonne Starhovski plays hot-spy-masquerading-as-a-wiener-girl Sarah with poise and just enough charm to be likable.

While everyone in the cast carries their own comedic weight, Zachary Levi is definitely a primo reason to watch Chuck in the first place.

As the show’s adorable nerd lead, Levi exudes just the right amount of clumsiness and budding self-esteem, and although it’s hard to believe anyone as yummy looking as him would be considered a geek, Levi plays his “everyman” role with an easy, friendly grace.

Plus, you can totally tell he’s ripped beneath those button-up shirts.

Ugly Betty – Thursday nights at 8/7 central, ABC – Now in it’s second season, Ugly Betty continues to tackle stereotypes in funny, heartfelt ways. Reveling in minority and gay-centric characters and plotlines, Betty isn’t afraid to be edgy, but also isn’t afraid of trying to touch an audience with some old fashioned goodness.

The ensemble cast is strong, with stand outs Michael Urie as the flamboyant assistant to a fashion director and Mark Indelicato as Betty’s clothes and Broadway loving teenage nephew. Vanessa Williams and Rebecca Romijn are funnier than you’d think, and America Ferrera is quickly establishing herself as one of the best actresses of her generation.

Plus, haven’t you always wanted to know how bitchy things can get in Fashion?

Ghost Hunters – Wednesday nights, 9/8 central, SciFi – I’ve spoken up for this reality show before, and I’ll keep doing it until I’m disappointed. Every week, the TAPS team, a group of “real” live ghost hunters, sets out to investigate hauntings all over the United States and beyond.

Spending nights in places you’d probably feel weird about being alone in during the daytime, the TAPS team do their best to document paranormal activity with video cameras, tape recorders, and personal experiences.

While they haven’t gone and found solid evidence supporting the existence of ghosties and spirits, every once in a while something pops up on the TV screen that one can explain—not even my hyper-scientific roommate.

If you’re a fan of waiting for inanimate objects to move, footage of people screaming “dude, run!” as they sprint away from something unknown, and creepy recordings of even creepier voices, then Ghost Hunters is definitely your newest favorite shows.

These are just a few of my current Work-Can-Wait obsessions. Know any shows the rest of us should be watching?

Don’t Eat This Chocolate Gold!
Don’t Eat This Chocolate Gold!
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