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Gimps Gone Wild: Making Disabilities Sexy?


Alright, so, we all know how I feel about porn.

But what about porn featuring disabled people?

Gimps Gone Wild is one of the best-known websites for male and female “disabled models”. Started in 2002 by Bonnie (otherwise known as “Kitten”), a “3 foot wheelchair vamp dwarf”, Gimps Gone Wild touts itself as a springboard for the acceptance of disabled persons—and their sexual needs.

The media has pretty much shut out disabled people, except for the usual geriatric wheelchair ads, or…as some pathetic, needy type of person,” Bonnie explained in a recent interview with AVN Media. “We created GGW in response to this rejection. We wanted a sanctuary to express ourselves in a sensual way, to be seen as sexy and to be seen as adults.”

GGW’s website showcases male and female models, with names like “Medical Mary Jane” and “Para Stud” next to a description of each model’s disability. Semi-nude and completely nude pictures are available for purchase, as are video clips featuring models during their own personal striptease.

[being on GGW] not only helps my own self-confidence, but I get mail from adoring female fans thanking me for being a role model.” Explains a model who calls herself Mistress Mayhem. “I am strong, beautiful and sexy, with a motor to propel me. Love me or hate me, this job gets people with disabilities noticed as sexual beings, and that can only be a positive thing!

Enjoying our individual sexuality is something everyone should be able to experience, regardless of what they look like. In my opinion, Gimps Gone Wild is a step in the right direction; a new way for people to see disabled individuals. The models on GGW, and the millions of other people they represent, are not without thoughts, desires, and a sense of humor.

If posing naked for money is something an adult individual wants to do, then they show be allowed to do it—whether there’s a wheelchair in the picture or not.