Cheapest Digital Recorder Ever, or Just Cheap?

Every once in a while I’ll be walking down Second Avenue and see a guy with a cat on his head and think, damn! Why don’t I have something to record this with?! Or I’ll be home after a night on the town and catch my roommate spouting off some of the best drunk philosophy ever and wish there was a way to capture her wisdom.

But being the poor individual that I am, I can’t even afford a digital camera, and the tiny, no sound video application on my phone takes such a long time to start working that whatever I wanted to record is gone and over by the time I’m ready.

And what about those of you about to go abroad? Don’t you wish you had something to capture the exotic sights and sounds with that didn’t cost an entire semester’s tuition to buy?

Well, I think I might have found something that could help us all.

The Flip Video camera is a pocket sized digital camera that comes with a built in USB port and it’s own simple editing software—all for less than about what it would cost you to buy a new outfit.

Ranging from $120-$150, Flip Video cameras seem like a great tool for journalism students, those abroad trips through the rainforest, even a Sunday afternoon where there’s nothing better to do than make a YouTube video. Plus, the under $200 price tag keeps you from feeling like your life is over if the thing breaks.

The Flip Video doesn’t look like it has a very good zoom, and looks as though it has to be constantly hand-held, but it’s small size and affordable price seem to even out those aspects.

Have any of you ever used the Flip Video? Would you recommend it? Or is it just another gadget that seems awesome but ends up being lame?

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