Nip/Tuck Turned Bi/Curious

I have to admit that I usually know what to expect from Nip/Tuck:

a) a crazy, graphic display of plastic surgery

b) kinky sex

c) Dr. Troy being a creepy and naked

d) Dr. Troy having kinky sex, and of course

e) that one moment in the show where I’m like, “holy sh%$ that is messed up!”

But last night’s episode caught me totally off guard when it became quite obvious that Julia, MacNamara’s ex wife, was playing for “the other team.” Huh? And with the hot and beautiful girlfriend of Ellen Degeneres, Portia de Rossi, no less! I seriously never saw this one coming. I mean, think about it: Julia had been married to a hot plastic surgeon for years, she’s a mom and she’s even sexed it up kinky style with Troy a few times. Is this not hetero behavior?

Yet when Julia went to LA to introduce/explain her current lady love affair to the boys, she didn’t come out and say, yeah I’ve been into chicks all of this time. She explained to MacNamara that it was all about the “connection” and the fact that the communication and sex were easier.

Hmmm … First I thought, how in god’s name is the sex easier? But then, I began to wonder, is sexual preference really about the connection? Can the actual person, despite gender really be what seals the deal?

I believe that there’s a something I’d like to call a “sexual spectrum.” Some people take the status quo – “I’m a girl so obviously I like boys” ; some go full fledged homosexual – “I knew I was ‘different’ when I developed a crush on Sally in middle school” ; and some just sit in that gray area – “I’m into guys, but I like kissing girls.” You can’t really pigeon hole those in-betweeners because they swing both ways, and well, that just makes a lot of us uncomfortable. We all fall into one of these areas and I think where we are (or where we’ve been) really depends on how open we are to experience the taboo. Because yes, there was that one night in college …

It’s safe to say that Julia falls into the latter of the categories. We’ll just have to wait and see if she continues on with her lady friend with others following (despite her obvious future rendez-vous with Troy as blatantly displayed in the previews for the next episode) or if she eventually chalks it all up to some “phase.”

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