The Perfect Food: Spray Pancakes

When I lived in the dorms I was always looking for a way to make food preparation really quick. Also, in case you were wondering, the healthy factor wasn’t really an issue. Pickles for breakfast, yogurt for a meal, leftovers at midnight. If it was in the fridge, I’d eat it.

Then came weekends, when my hungover ass would stumble out of bed in search of aspirin, water, and food. I was craving a homemade meal. I usually got…like, Saltines or something. So leave it to science to come up with the best thing ever created when it comes to both eating and being lazy.

Spray Pancakes!

You guys, it’s like that spray cheese crap your mom would never buy because “it wasn’t real food”! It’s like whipped cream only you can chew it! It’s the future!

If you’re like me you probably want to see it in action, so here you go. Prepare to be amazed:

But on those hungover mornings, try not to mix it up with your Reddi-Whip…I imagine that batter isn’t good for aching stomachs.

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