Grey’s, Where are you going?

Ok, there are few things I’d like to address about last night’s episode of Grey’s.

First, can someone please explain to me why McDreamy and the Chief are living in trailers? Last time I checked these guys were doctors. Don’t doctors make lots of cash and live in big houses? Maybe I missed something. Regardless, it’s a little odd that they’re just camping out on some grassy knole.

Then we have Izzy and George. I’m sure we all saw this one coming (no pun intended) and we can probably all relate to wanting sex to be really mind-blowing with someone, when sadly it just won’t be. But this whole relationship of their’s is getting annoying. I mean, yes, there needs to be some kind of conflict to keep us entertained, but where exactly is this going? Do we really see these two tying the knot or even having good sex? My prediction is that Izzy gives him the old, “let’s just be friends again,” speech, which may force George to go crawling back to Callie, (who p.s. sucks as Chief Resident) begging her for some actual good sex.

And last, but not least, the Meredith and “sister” dynamic. All I have to say is, Meredith, you’re a miserable bitch. I cannot stand you and your completely self-involved attitude. You need to get over yourself and the idea that your sister wants to be you. Can you please keep in mind that you almost died and stop being so emotionally shady and unavailable? Thanks.

Overall, I feel the story lines are getting a bit week. Next week’s episode better impress me, or my Grey’s loyalty may waver.

What do you think about this season’s Grey’s?

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