“High School Musical 3″ Is Coming!

You didn’t think we’d forgotten about Zac, did you?

We certainly didn’t. And with the big news of HSM3 hitting the Disney-fied airwaves in the near future, we just had to point out a few things:

As it stands, it seems like there’s a whole bunch of girls out there who are holding out for Mr. Efron, and while we shouldn’t judge these feelings some of you are harboring for the guy, we can giggle a little bit when we see him in outfits like these.

And also, he’s a guy known for starring in musicals. Not promising, ladies.

Nonetheless, until Zac decides where he stands personally, we al know where he stands professionally. His cash-cow High School Music is officially in production and Zac and his Hollywood Hipster-Gone-Soft self is pumped! Get it?

We have nothing against the guy. Really, nothing! We just don’t like fakers. Or liars.

On a more serious note, however, it will be interesting to see just what route HSM3 will take. Will Vanessa’s part be shrunk down to a cameo-sized tidbit? Will it be “The Zac Show”? Will Ashley Tisdale even bother to show up? Only time will tell!

Anyway…he’s probably not straight, girls. There I said it. Maybe it’s time to get over it?

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My Freshman Year: Day 83
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