Project Runway’s Back and I’m Pumped With a Capital P

You remember the drama. Would Jeffery be able to compete in the finale? Did he really get help on his clothes? Did he tattoo “Detroit” on his neck because of the fact that he’s from Detroit, or was he just proud that he named his son after a city that Eminem made so famous? Was Uli’s accent fake? Could she design anything that didn’t belong on a Caribbean vacation?!While I may have been nervous about crappy reality TV because of the recent writers strike, Bravo couldn’t have planned more perfect timing for my favorite reality show ever. It’s BOMB of a show, Top Design (talk about over-hyped and under delivered) left me begging for another season of Heidi and Tim.

And now, it’s back for a 4th season!

Hopefully, this season’s contestants will bring more drama than the love to hate on each other, “I’m such a badass” winner Jeffery and “don’t mess with me, I make really pretty evening gowns” Laura.

You can take a look right now at all fifteen contestants. I’m rooting for the chic named Jillian… I’m counting on her to represent the name well. (ps there is a Jack too– now that’s cute!)

But more importantly, I’m counting on all the contestants to do us fashionistas justice and do away with the tunic. Seriously, my death threats have not been working, and now, Bloomingdales has ordered a restraining order against me. So even if it’s out of plants, wall paper or aluminum foil, let these fashion-house wannabees bring us some flattering fashions.

And I’ll be back each week to update you on who’s in and who’s out. (I’m soo vibe-ing Heidi right now).

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