Erin Fetherston for Target!


I don’t know if any of you saw The Hills this week, but if you did manage to catch it, did you notice something unusual?

There was an entire commercial break dedicated to Erin Fetherston’s new line debuting at Target on November 18th! Talk about creating a buzz and “targeting” (sorry, I had to) your demographic!

That said, I may or may not be leaving the city and heading to my parents house in Pennsylvania this weekend. I may or may not be doing so to do a little pre-Black Friday shopping.

This may or may not involve a trip to a (huge) Target store in Delaware in order to land a few pieces from the new line.

Don’t call me pathetic! First of all, it’s smart so don’t hate. Two, if you know anything about New York City you know that Targets do exist (in the Bronx and Queens…no thanks) but like many urban superstores, they are so picked through that there’s no way I’d find anything. Especially in my size.

Why am I making this seemingly useless trip? Well, have you seen the line? It’s absolutely adorable. But not in a little girl way. It’s really just effortless and playful…exactly my style.

And it’s affordable! To top it off, I guess I sort of luck out my having a twin sister. I plan on buying a few things and giving them as “gifts” to her. By the time New Year’s rolls around they’ll magically be in my closet! Sneaky, I know. But whatever, we’re sisters.

There’s a few things Fetherston’s made that I will not leave the store without. For example, there’s a long wool winter coat in cream for $89.99 that I adore. There’s a grey cardigan (with heart buttons!) for $34.99 that is perfect for layering. And the satin skirt (also $34.99) is perfect for the holidays!

To me, making the trek home to score some adorable threads is worth it. And if all else fails, well, hey, I’m in Target! They have everything.

Happy shopping!

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