We’re All Gossip Girls at Heart

Last night’s episode of my favorite guilty pleasure, Gossip Girl, got me thinking…Maybe our lives are not so different than the wealthy-born Upper East Siders.

I could relate my humble Midwestern high school drama to a number of situations that took place in the glamorous locale. Manhattan’s Upper East Side or the cornfields of Illinois? Does it really make a difference?

I think not.

A few examples to prove my point:

Hooking up with the ex’s best friend to make him jealous. Although Nate doesn’t know yet about Blair and Chuck’s rendezvous, the intentions of B were clear. If Nate doesn’t want her, she’ll have the second best thing: his best friend. How’s that for a slap in the face, Nate? The sad thing is that I actually don’t think he would care at all…Funny how that works out.

“Platonic” boy-girl friendships that never are just that. In my opinion, Serena is being very understanding towards Dan and Vanessa’s “friendship.” It’s obvious that Vanessa still wants him, and in my experience, those kinds of friendships can only go on so long before the girlfriend gives an ultimatum.

Parents acting like children and embarrassing their own kids. Whether it’s Nate’s situation with his father and family, or the Humphrey’s mama drama, sometimes parents are just as immature, if not more, than their own children.

Older boy likes younger girl. The whole Nate/Jenny bonding session seems to be foreshadowing something. Maybe I’m reading too far into it, but as I stated earlier, true boy-girl friendships never seem to remain totally platonic for good.

I’m sure there are more examples, but you get the point. Take away the glamorous hotels, restaurants, and apartments of the GG characters, and you get what we can all identify with: a true high school experience. So whenever you think you and Serena would never get along, just remember, we’re all Gossip Girls in some way or another.

Milo Ventimiglia and Hayden Panettiere…GROSS!
Milo Ventimiglia and Hayden Panettiere…GROSS!
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