Sugar, Spice and…Wrinkles?!

I have a weakness for all things sweet. From Take 5 Bars to warm apple pie smothered in French Vanilla ice cream, nothing makes me quite as happy as a sweet treat. Naturally, in attempts not to become a total fatty, I do my best to avoid my vice.

And now I have even more reason to stay away from the sweet stuff.

Step away from the Halloween candy, ladies! According to a new study it seems that sugar consumption can lead to wrinkles and dull skin!

The process is actually quite simple. Sugar flowing through your blood attaches to proteins to form evil little molecules. The more sugar you eat, the more molecules you create, which spread quickly and make the collagen in your skin brittle and dry. End result: wrinkles.

What does that mean for you? It means that a bag of M&Ms today can mean some saggy skin tomorrow. (Well, not really tomorrow; more the proverbial tomorrow.)

Say it ain’t so! As if cellulite-y thighs weren’t bad enough, now I have to worry about looking like this. This news is just frustrating. I have been working so hard to prevent the breakdown of my skin; I use SPF everyday, I stay out of the sun and I moisturize like it’s my job. And now I find out that none of that matters as long as I’m tossing back the Skittles.

This could be the worst news I’ve heard since reading that Mr. Gyllenhaal was off the market. I mean, we always hear about the harmful effects of smoking and tanning on our skin, but sugar? Come on. What is next? Are you going to tell me that drinking is bad for me too?

Oh. Wait.

Damnit. Nothing is sacred anymore.

I Have Your Next Two Hours Planned…
I Have Your Next Two Hours Planned…
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