America’s Next Top Model Goes International

Pack your bags—you’re going to China with America’s Next Top Model!

The drama began almost as soon as the girls arrived, when the six of them fought over the five beds in their penthouse. And by “fought,” I mean that Saleisha grabbed a bed for herself that was clearly huge enough for at least two people or an orgy or something. She refused to share it with Heather, which the rest of the girls, namely Bianca, found soooo funny.

Heather failed to get the joke, as did I.

The models head to movie studio where the girls are taught martial arts, and then are immediately put to the test when they have to do the poses…on wires, suspended in air. Bianca continues to annoy me when she manages to come across bitchy talking about her fear of heights and how she’d rather be shopping.

I guess I agree with her on something—I’d rather she was shopping than in the competition too! She refuses to go up and it’s Heather that wins the challenge. And her prize, ironically, is a shopping spree.

The next morning, the girls head to shoot a CoverGirl ad and commercial, which always makes me cringe with second-hand embarrassment. Saleisha is first shooting the commercial, and totally kills it. Heather fell flat, even with Mr. Jay feeding her the lines, and I died a little bit inside watching it. Chantal makes it work too, but when Lisa gets up there, she looks like she’s about to cry.

And then she does. I wish I could make fun of her, but I’ve been known to throw up from nerves before reading a speech in class, so I’m not really one to talk here.

I usually don’t root for girls to go home, but I’m kind of hoping it’s Bianca and her permanent bitchface this time. The judges go through everyone’s commercial and photo shoot, and almost all the photos are a million times better than their commercials, which the judges call “a mess.” Lisa pulls it together after crying during the commercial and turns it into a hot mess and looks radiant in her picture, and Heather’s photo has a sweet intimidating-girl-next-door vibe.

Chantal gets called up first, followed by Saleisha, and it’s down to Heather and Lisa in the bottom two. So is it the girl who “can’t handle critique” or the girl who “fails to deliver (her lines)” that gets to stay in China?

In the end, the judges decide to give Heather another shot—because hey, they both bombed the commercial, but at least she didn’t cry!

Next week on ANTM…go-sees! Stay tuned!

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