That’s Why I Bluefly

Even with the huge discounts, I still can’t afford any of the clothes on But that doesn’t stop me from taking far too much time to search the pages and pages of designer shoes, purses and clothes. There’s a pair of Gucci shoes on there that I would perhaps not kill, but certainly maim someone to own. Someday….

What I love even more than the clothes they have though, is their killer advertising. My favorite ad has to be the chick showing up naked to her own dinner party because she has nothing to wear. But what’s really catching everyone’s attention are the… soft porn-ish spots they have done. The two ads are like the hottest 30 (or if you’re lucky 90) seconds I have ever witnessed.

The newest one tells the romantic tale of two star-crossed co-workers who have been trying to hook up for some time now. You see them finally go on their date, have a lovely dinner and then get it on in the coat check. Gotta love those impromptu rendez-vous!

How naked people sell clothes sometimes escapes me, but the attention that the ads draw has boosted sales in a huge way. While I may not be able to afford the clothes, those 30 seconds in the middle of my favorite Bravo reality TV shows really do heat up my night.

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