Cyber Monday: Get Your Shopping Over With!

I am horrible with money. Seriously.

Which is why, for my own benefit (and my loved ones), I need to get my holiday shopping done now before I spend all my money on dresses I don’t need and beers I shouldn’t drink.

Thank God today is Cyber Monday! This silly little day is the day for online sales…like Black Friday, only for us lazy online shoppers.

So, pull out your credit cards, take a deep breath, and check out these sites for some debt-causing holiday goodness!

Get your gadgets on the cheap at!

Impress those people in your life who value things like iPods and GPS devices the same way we value a hot pair of boots. When you can get your favorite techie what they really want it’s always sure to please.

And just because the prices are good, don’t be tempted to pick up something for yourself! Let someone else treat you to a new iPhone.

40% off at Barnes and Noble!

Books are always a fantastic present. I don’t care if you’re a lit major or one of those people who “don’t read”, B&N always has something for everyone.

If you’re not into buying reading material for someone special, check out their journals, calendars, DVD’s, and games!

Homemade goods at!

Spend your hard-earned cash with a clear conscience knowing that your money is going to a crafty person who spent their time making quality, unique, homemade goods! Plus, you can get some great deals. Bonus: if you live in NYC, check out the BUST Magazine/Etsy Craftacular where you can get the goods directly from the vendor…and have fun doing it!

Free Shipping!

Shipping costs will totally kill your online shopping buzz if you don’t watch out. Is that $15 shirt worth it if you have to spend another $4 to get it to your house? I didn’t think so! That’s why you must take advantaage of the fact that so many stores are offering free shipping…if you shop today! Do it! Check out the free shipping deals here, here, here, and here.

Today’s the day to get on the ball and get that shopping done! Besides, how great will it feel to have it all squared away before the start of December?

Your mother will be so proud!

Happy Food!
Happy Food!
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