Get Your Own Lil’ Lohan!

Lindsay Lohan seems to be doing better than ever these days. She’s staying out of the clubs, shopping instead of snorting, and generally keeping a low profile. Much to the chagrin of paparazzo’s everywhere, all seems quiet on the Lohan front.

But that doesn’t mean the funny people over at Best Week Ever have forgotten about her.

My Lil’ Lohan, a new Facebook App developed by Best Week Ever and Plastic Past studios, allows users to either “pamper or sabotage” their own personal Lindsay Lohan.

Each day you can choose to do something naughty or something nice to each Lil Lohan”, explain the directions on the application, “and if you can convince enough people to join you, you can stage an intervention or organize a bender for those Lil Lohans that really need it!

If you know anyone else on Facebook with the Lil’ Lohan App, you can send and receive gifts that include sunglasses, suspicious white powder, cigarettes, and panties.

While the majority of people most likely hope Lindsay makes a full and active recovery (I say majority because I’m sure there’s a bunch who can’t wait to see her jump into a stranger’s car again with cocaine spilling out of her purse), once someone becomes a public figure, and makes a bunch of stupid decisions, the likelihood of the world forgetting about those dumb choices is pretty low.

Personally, I think My Lil Lohan is hilarious, and if I liked Facebook Apps in the first place (right now I hate them with a fiery passion…stop ZOMBIE BITING ME ALREADY!!) I’m sure I’d be checking up on my own Lindsay Lohan 15 times a day—which is about how often I sign onto Facebook in a 24 hour period.

And for the record, I’d keep her sober with a large supply of panties.

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Cyber Monday: Get Your Shopping Over With!
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