Britney + J.R. Rotem = Tragically Unplanned Child

I woke up this morning, came to work, started surfing the internet…and now I have a few very important questions:

Who is J.R. Rotem? (besides a second rate music producer)

Why is he having sex with Britney Spears? (other than for drugs or money)

And most importantly, how is Britney’s drug-addled, sleep deprived, mess of a body carrying a third child?

Call me harsh if you want, but this isn’t about talking trash for the hell of it.

This is straight up sad. Tragic. Infuriating.

Not only because Britney’s life is in shambles and she doesn’t seem to notice, but because when it all come down to it…the girl is not on this planet.

Had Britney not been the most popular girl on the planet 7 years ago, she’d be on Maury, crying her eyes out backstage while the crowd booed her and Maury assured her that he’d help her find the real father.

But here is where my ranting ends because when it comes to addicts and the people who enable them (ahem…Rotem…) there is no getting through to them.

So instead, we’ve generated a picture of what this new bundle of joy is going to look like! I mean that’s all that really matters anyway because there’s an 95% chance this kid isn’t going to be sharp enough to rely on anything but looks.


The only question I have left is, who makes an uglier baby…K-Fed or J.R.? Or maybe it’s just Britney?

If she’s pregnant, should Britney have the baby? 

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