College Girls Get the Shaft When It Comes to Orgasms

Occasionally during my down time at my “real person” job post college, I peruse my alma mater’s student newspaper online. I suppose it’s my way of living vicariously through the drama and events still going on at my beloved campus…which amazingly enough, still go on even without me. Today, I actually came across some surprising news that I was not aware of: College girls orgasm only HALF as much as college men. Sucks for us.

Now, I’m sure many things are running through your head right now as possible justifications for this statistic. I think we can all atest to the fact that most college hookups don’t exactly rock your world for a variety of reasons, (alcohol involved, inexperience, someone you don’t know extremely well, yada yada) so when you put it in perspective, it seems to make sense.

Apparently the survey was done by a professor at Stanford University. It questioned 4,000 students about their most recent hook-ups, which ranged from kissing to manual sex to oral sex to intercourse. The results showed that 44 percent of men had reached orgasm compared to 19 percent of women. More specifically, 70 percent of men climaxed during intercourse without oral sex beforehand, but only half the amount of females could do the same.

Why might this be? The article gave a number of suggestions such as women tend to not speak up or are scared to talk about what they desire, women don’t masturbate as much as men (that opens a whole separate can of worms), and that women are more worried about their partner’s satisfaction than their own.

Moral of the story: Although this was a small and selective survey, it brings up interesting points about the nature of most college girls’ sex lives. Don’t be scared to speak your mind and fight for what you want, even if that translates to the bedroom. Let’s reverse this finding.

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