Where Is The Christmas Spirit?!

The stuffing is gone. The pumpkin pie has been demolished. Which can only mean one thing: the season of giving thanks and showing appreciation is officially over. It is time for gifts, deals and a whole lot of shopping.

I don’t know about you, but this whole “Christmas season is for giving” bullshit is getting a little out of control. Christmas isn’t for giving. It is for getting: good deals, good presents, and the respect and awe of all the people you are giving gifts to. In fact, this morning on the radio I listened as shoppers regaled their Black Friday horror stories. People were camping out overnight at stores, women were getting in fights, and people were even stealing things from each other’s carts!

Where is the Christmas spirit, damn it?

How is it possible to transition so quickly from a holiday that focuses on being grateful for all the things we have in our lives to dropping elbows for a copy of Hairspray on DVD? How can people go from being all about the family to skipping out on Thanksgiving dinner early to get a good spot in line at Best Buy?

Buying things for people is not the way to show your love and appreciation!

Now, don’t get me wrong; I love me some presents. But some of my favorite gifts haven’t been things from an electronics store or fancy designer. Some of my all time faves have been simple, creative and from someone that truly knew me and wanted to show it. Like a collection of mix CD’s for all occassions: working out, driving, relaxing, getting through a bad day. Or handmade picture frames decorated with little things that are special to me. Or, my all time favorite gift ever, a plane ticket to reunite with old friends across the country.

I get that Christmas has sorta moved away from its original importance – the birth of Jesus – and morphed into more of a gift giving holiday. And that is fine; with it comes a lot of charity and a boost to our struggling economy. But lately it is even shying away from that and turning into an “gimme, gimme” holiday.

I think it is time to take things back to the old days.

Let’s band together and start a revolution. Let’s bring back a little of that Christmas spirit everyone talks so much about. Let’s stop using money to buy people’s love and take some time to get a little more personal. Let’s take what’s leftover from Thanksgiving (gratitude, not mashed potatoes) and show it to the people we care about.

And not with a new TV. With a little old fashioned love.

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