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Grey’s, I Miss You


Thursday nights I like to:

a) Relax with a bottle of wine and

b) Watch Grey’s.

But since I knew a new episode was not on the horizon, I chose to compensate with some extra “a”‘s which led to a night out at the bar and the hangover I’m still feeling as I sit in my cubicle. See what happens when I don’t have Grey’s in my life?

Anyway, last week’s episode really made me laugh, made me cry and left me hanging…

1) The Nazi. Initially, I really didn’t know what this guy’s deal was. Was he afraid of women? Was he gay? But soon, it became painfully obvious that he was racist. Now how Bailey handling this whole situation was classic.

She tried so hard to be the bigger person and although successful, she couldn’t help but make this dude pay for his tattoo/close-minded beliefs.

2) The ambulance crash. This is was probably the saddest and most emotional part of the episode. On one hand we have the Chief fathering emotionally unavailable Meredeth, which is so cute even though I really am not a fan of her.

And on the other, we have the paramedic exchanging his last words with his wife (which drew a few tears). It seems that Meredeth becomes emotionally invested in this situation and maybe beginning to appreciate who and what she has in her life.

3) The artery explosion. I must admit that I was really excited to see Seth Green in this episode. He’s just so adorable. But I think it was pretty clear from the beginning of the episode that this guy was a ticking time bomb. I mean, I just sat there waiting for his pulsating neck to explode. Oh and god when he started laughin’ with Lexi, I just KNEW that would be the moment. Gross. Now I’m left wondering, will Seth make it? Will Lexi pull an Izzy and save her potential lover?

I am hopeful that the “to be continued episode” will blow me away. If not, I may be hitting the bottle hard again. And well, that’s just not healthy.

i love peppermint patties, guitar players, long yoga sessions, and laughing so hard that i pee my pants.