Nip/Tuck Gets a Reality Check

Not only is reality tv dominating networks worldwide, but now it’s also inching it’s way into actual tv shows — i.e. our dear Nip/Tuck.

Although I must admit last night’s episode was a nice switch up from the status quo with the “Plastic Fantastic” title and theme song (that was hilarious), I doubt I’d ever feel as much love for the show if it continued that way. The drama was just too forced and completely exaggerated. It had never been more apparent to me that reality tv thrives on creating conflict even if there may or may not have been any to begin with.

I mean, we have Olivia and Liz making a love connection, Christian spilling the beans to Julia, Julia flipping out at the two lesbos and begging the cameras not to capture her emotional breakdown, while Eden races in after escaping from rehab and finally gets Sean to kiss her and Christian plays the guy who just wants to “help out.” It was total madness, well more than usual anyway.

It would of been way over the top if Kimber and Matt stormed in crying that their baby is addicted to crystal meth.

The juiciest part of the episode was probably the whole Sean/Eden affair finally happening. We KNEW without a doubt that even Dr. Mac wasn’t strong enough to resist that young vixen. As displayed by next week’s previews, this whole situation is going to create some serious waves.

Will Julia realize she’s still not over Sean? Or is she just being a possessive ex like any semi-normal chick?

We shall see my friends. We shall see.

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