The Vegetable Orchestra: Amazing Music and Free Food!


Mix carrots, kale, celery, pumpkins, cucumbers and leeks and you get one fantastic soup. You also get a world renowned orchestra from Vienna who have made it their creative mission to use vegetables –and only vegetables– to create music.

The Vienna Vegetable Orchestra is made up of 11 musicians, a sound engineer and video artist, who together create a creative experience that most of us have never even conceived.

What’s exciting about this orchestra is that no genre is left untouched. They have been known to cut tracks ranging from experimental electronic to free jazz and anything in between. Along with their live performances a video portion is exhibited at the end for the audience…just another medium for these artists to get their message to you.

And what do they do with all of those vegetables after the show? They offer each member of the crowd some soup.

Of course!

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Got the Single Girl Holidays Blues? You’re Not Alone
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