Tips for Surviving the Writer’s Strike

When the writers out in Hollywood began their strike a month ago, it really didn’t affect me.

Sure, I support their cause – everyone should be compensated fairly for the work that they do – but I didn’t really care if they were striking because my Thursday night line-up was still intact.

Now, one month later, I am beginning to feel the pinch.

Whereas I used to stress out about the sheer number of shows backed up on my DVR (“Ahh! There is never enough time to watch them all!”), the lack of new episodes of my favorite shows this past week has left my poor DVR out of a job. And left me with nothing to do after a long day at my job.

I have been forced to get a little more creative with my free time and have discovered some wonderful new activities to enjoy beyond my couch and remote. If you too are experiencing a little non-reality-TV-withdrawal, fill your newfound free time with some of these:

Reading For Pleasure: I didn’t realize just how little I have read in the past year until I sat down and began reading some new books this week. My God, there are so many good books out there right now! My new favorites (that everyone absolutely must read) are: A Thousand Splendid Suns and Eat, Pray, Love. I finished both in under a week!

Discovering New Music: Everyone knows iTunes is the bomb for finding just about anything, but my favorite feature is when they recommend new artists based on the music you like. I started playing around with it and three hours later I had found some awesome new stuff (like Dave Barnes).

Working Out: With no excuse not to go (“Grey’s is on in 20!”), get your ass up and get to the gym.

Scrapbooking: Take it from me: when college is over you are going to want captions for all of those pictures. And a nice book to put em in. I started sifting through my stacks (yes, they are in stacks and not in nice little books) of pictures lately and kicked myself for not making scrapbooks earlier. I can barely remember the context for most of the pictures and I can’t find anything when I want to! Grrrr.

Studying: Finals are a-coming, ladies. Get to it!

Catching up with Friends: We all get so caught up in the day to day that sometimes we forget to check in with the people most important to us. Now that I have no TV to watch at night I have started catching up with friends I neglected during the busy month of November. And it has been great. Your home friends miss you; give them a call.

I am sure until this point you have been filling the extra time with more clicks on Facebook or a few extra nights at the bar. But, come on, do you really need any more of those?!

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