Avoid All Personal Contact with “Ice Brkr”

Don’t you hate it when you see a hot guy at the bar and you’re too much of a wimp to strike up a conversation with him? Put your troubles at the door – Ice Brkr is here to solve all of your social problems.

Ice Brkr is a new dating application in the UK that enables wallflowers to break the ice with their budding prospect – through text-messages. Using the Ice Brkr service, all you have to do is browse through the photos of potential daters on the site, check to see if the object of your affection is available, text them “hello” and there you have it – instant L-U-V.

Yes, you read that correctly: humankind has stooped so low as to accept texting as a reasonable way to meet someone. The end is near.

I’m a reasonable guy, but taking the time to use a site like Ice Brkr is just as pathetic as not having the cojones to approach a female – maybe even worse.

On second thought, it is worse, seeing that probably only 14 people use this tool, making it doubtful that anybody worth “texting” is logged on and ready to go for your pleasure.

Still, Ice Brkr has the potential to be a great way to trick your friends. I’m not sure how exactly, but someone will find out soon enough.

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