Grey’s: Learning from Our Losses

Beyond the excessively bloody scenes of last nights episode, there were some serious personal realizations amongst our favorite hospital staff — most of which were centered around some kind of loss. Whether it be the loss of a patient or significant other, everyone seemed to be seeing things a little more clearly.

I guess we all saw the Izzie/George thing coming. (I mean I totally predicted that would be over within a few episodes.) I did, however, expect Izzie to do the breaking-off, not little Georgie. Although I’m deeply relieved that they finally called it quits (because of how painfully apparent it was that they weren’t going to work out), they did both lose their best friend, which is kind of sad.

Then we have McDreamy and Mere Mere. This has been one long ass rollercoaster of committment issues, confusion, and emotional unavailability (to name a few) and you’d think I’d be happy that Derek is finally realizing how Merideth really can’t give him everything he wants. But I’m not, I’m more like, “Noooo, Derek! She’s finally coming to her senses and seeing what an amazing catch (yes, I said catch) you are. Don’t give up now!”

Then again, Merideth realizing that she doesn’t want her Doctor seeing other ladies might be a short-lived wish, since we know how indecisive she is. I dunno, I couldn’t help but feel like my father is cheating on my mother when I saw Derek locking lips with that Rose chick. I mean come on! I’m not ready for this saga to be over.

Now Bailey; her personal life is almost never brought up. I almost forgot that she was married and it was sure news to me that her hubby was a stay-at-home daddy. Regardless, this entire situation, although understandable, came out of nowhere. Unless I missed something, there was indication that these two were having issues. But maybe that was the point. She was so consumed with doing her job, that she didn’t even really think to talk about (or talk to for that matter) her man. Now that she’s having some serious marital issues, I’m assuming they’ll be lots more said about this one.

And last, we have Lexie. Considering Seth Green literally bled to death right in front of her, I’d say she handled to whole situation quite well. This was her first experience losing a patient she was becoming friendly with, almost emotionally invested in (we definitely have an Izzie #2 on our hands). Above all, it seems that she and Mere Mere may finally share a little sisterly love. But that really all depends on Merideth.

Until next time…

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