This Holiday, Give Your Geek Something They’ll LOVE

Are you in love with a geek? Got a few proud-to-be-nerd friends? Have a parent who’s still so into Star Wars you’re amazed that they ever got married and ending up having you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions and still can’t seem to find the perfect holiday present for the techie in your life, here’s a list of gifts that are sure to tickle their flash drive.

AnnoyATron – ($9.99) – If you know someone who gets a kick out of watching people squirm, buy them a cheap and easy way to be the bane of their co-workers’ (or professor’s) existence! The AnnoyATron is a tiny device that once hidden, emits loud beeping sounds without any real rhythm. After a few minutes, most victims will probably go crazy trying to figure out what they’re hearing. A high tech version of the old cell phone prank. Nice.

Micro Spy Remote – ($8.99) – Another way to piss people off! This tiny universal remote has the ability to change the channel on almost any television set. Whether your nerd is at the doctor’s, in a bar, or just at a friend’s house, stealthily changing the channels is sure to either A) confuse the hell out of people, or B) make them think they have a ghost. And believe me, when people really think there’s a ghost controlling their TV…it’s hilarious.

Matias Folding Keyboard – ($59.95) – Sometimes you just need to bring your very own personal keyboard with you everywhere you go.

GelaSkins – (varies) – Plain old laptops and cell phones are boring. Spice up the life of your favorite geek by giving them a way to customize their gadgets with stunning visual art.

USB Coffee Warmer – ($24.99) – Does your nerd have a hard time drinking all their coffee before it goes skunky and cold? Do they enjoy the cool taste of ice water all day? If so, get them this little device that keeps things either (you guessed it) hot or cold using the power of USB.

Open It – ($10.99) – In case the geek in your life needs an all-in-one tool for opening lots of packages containing computer parts…or blow up dolls.

LED Blow on-off candles – ($11.99) – candles are cool, but you know what’s even cooler? Fake candles that you can blow on or off, plus change the color of their flame. Perfect mood lighting for blissful geek love moments.

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My Freshman Year: Day 109
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