Gifts For The Bro and Beau In Your Life!

If you’re anything like me, you have a brother (or two, or…god help you, three), and every year it’s pretty impossible to figure out what to get them for Hanukkah or Christmas. You slide subtle hints into IM conversations, use your parents for help, even flat out ask them “what the hell do you need??!”, but sometimes to The Bro is so illusive, you just want to slam some money down in front of him and shout get your own present!!

Coming in at a close second in the gift-giving challenge is the BF. Sure, you love him. Sure, he knows you better than most people. But finding a gift he’ll like because it’s cool, and not just because you’re his girlfriend? Tough.

In case you haven’t reached your breaking point yet (I know Hanukkah is almost over, but there’s still time!), I’m compiled a list of presents the Bro and the Beau might like. It’s always hard to tell with these strange specimens, but hey, even if they scrunch their face up again this year…at least you tried. Besides, they’re been giving you shit from The Body Shop for years. Teach them through example about branching out.

Charles & Marie Dosh Wallet ($60) – compact, manly, and oh-so-full of special pockets, this wallet is a lot better than that ratty, duct-taped thing he’s been carrying around for years. It’s a little expensive, but just think of it as payback for that time you stuck gum in your Bro’s hair or ‘accidentally’ told your friends about the Beau’s bedroom ‘issues’.

Dakine Plaid Backpack ($59.50) – it’s really hard to hate on a backpack, especially one that’s so nondescript and cool. Plus, he can carry his laptop and snowboard / skateboard around wherever he goes.

Nooka Zub 20 Zenv Watch ($135) – complicated, weird looking, and kind of hard to understand, your gadget-loving Bro or Beau will go crazy for it. Let’s just hope he’s getting you more than bath salts for this price.

Ninja Flipper ($4.49) – aren’t all guys obsessed with Ninjas?

Sudoku Toilet Paper ($5.48) – part gag gift, part something they’ll probably use.

Badass 3-in-1 Gloves ($49.50) – sure, it’s a lot of money for gloves, but he’ll never have to buy another pair…provided he doesn’t lose them a day later.

Shockingly Expensive Toothpick holder ($800-$1500) – if your Bro or Beau has everything…get him a diamond encrusted toothpick holder. Chewing toothpicks in public is kinda rude, but if he’s got this thing, ain’t no one gonna question!

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