Project Runway- Tim Gunn Has A Personality?! Who Knew!

The Secret (which I happen to believe in…most of the time) says “What you think about, you bring about” and I’ve really been thinking about a new phone and a major raise and those have yet to show up on my doorstep. (but positivity is key so I will listen to Journey and not stop believing)

But, when it comes to Project Runway? Some may call it coincidence that last week I was ranting that Chris got kicked off only to be brought back this week.

I call it the Law of Attraction working its magic.

Either way, I am oh-so happy that this teddy-bear of a fashion designer wannabe was brought back on the show. Yes it’s tragic that Jack left due to his HIV, but I heart Chris and was nervous the only way I would see that smush of a guy again would be on Celebrity Fit Club.

And while his design was absolutely awful, dude had to stay up all night to finish it.

On another note, I would venture to say that last night was the first time in all seasons of PR that we got to see that in fact, Tim Gunn does have a bit of a personality. He even cracked a few dirty jokes (gasp!) proving to us common folk that no matter how hard he tries to emit the “I will NEVER use public restrooms- heaven forbid I put my pin-stripe suit through that kind of filth” attitude, he is just the same as the hoi polloi.

There weren’t many other surprises in last nights show. Ricky cried (shocker) and wore that awful hat again, Jillian still talked with less excitement than Debbie Downer even when she was claming to be elated/overjoyed/happier than she’s ever been and Elisa… yes, she is still weird.

Christian, my favorite flaming contestant with a fashion sense that reminds me a bit of Marc Jacobs (and therefore always wins my heart), won last nights challenge with an adorable twist on classic black.

And while his clothes (and his haircut) are chichi, something tells me his ego is going to get in the way his uber fabulousness.

Last nights challange was a new one for Project Runway. They took “regular” women who had all lost a significant amount of weight and had the desingers make new outfits out of their plus sized garments. It was a nice refreshing twist from the regular waifish figures (who this season all walk very awkward don’t you think?)

But I still say bring back the male models in their boxer briefs.

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