Best Discoveries of 2007

I can’t believe 2008 is only a week away. It feels like just yesterday that I was sitting in my brother’s garage shot-gunning beers and watching the ball drop with his good looking friends (when, in fact, yesterday did look like that minus the ball-drop). I am amazed by how quickly this year flew by. Yet, at the same time, looking back at the many experiences that I had in ’07 it couldn’t have been that fast, after all.

2007 was chock full of so many things: dates, life changes, moves, trips, career changes and the arduous task of staying in touch with my friends across the country and around the world. It was also filled with celebrations, good food, reuniting with old friends, some truly hilarious experiences and tons of fun new things.

Through my experiences, my writing and the endless internet surfing I do at work, I discovered some incredible things this year. Everything from new foods (thank you, HungryGirl!) to new music (who knew a girl with a beehive and a serious drug addiction could create such great music?). And I will share my Five Most Awesome Discoveries of 2007 with you:

1. Holey Donuts: I have a love/hate relationships with donuts. I love, love, love, them, but they do not feel the same way about me or my thighs. Until the Holey Donut came along. Not only are these things maaaaad tasty, but they contain 1/3 of the fat and calories of their full fat brethren. You can get ‘em hot if you live in the NYC, or you can order them (tons of flavors or a delicious low fat cinnamon bun!) online. I am not kidding; these thing will change your life.

2. The iPhone: I am sure everyone is sick of hearing about this super-hyped mega-phone, but I can’t help but thank the lord of technology (Steve Jobs) for bringing this wondrous invention to me. I recently acquired an iPhone and in the 7 days I have had it, my life has changed. This phone really does everything. I can even download new music from iTunes whenver I want. People can hate all they want, but the minute they play with one of these they too will realize how amazing it is.

3. Flat Boots: Being 5’10, my life has been filled with long and painful shopping excursions for the perfect pair of boots…that don’t have 4 inch heels. 2007 was the year of the flat boot and I am ecstatic! Now I can rock the boots without a) looking like a giant freak and b) looking like an old lady in the ugly flat booties. Even better: Target has the cutest pair and they are under $40!

4. The Sex Diet: This book gives new meaning to enjoying a workout. No more missing the gym and letting yourself go because of a new relationship. Let the relationship be your workout. I haven’t had the luxury of practicing much in this book just yet, but let me tell you…when I do I am going to have some seriously rock hard abs and sexy legs without the 5:30 AM trips to the gym.

5. Tumblr: Staying in touch with friends is hard. Sure, catching up on the phone or through email every now and then suffices, but it’s just not the same. It becomes more like a chore and less like a friendship. I was looking for a better way to keep up with my friends and I found Tumblr. This blog is unlike any I have seen before – it is more of a stream of consciousness sorta thing that allows you to update pictures, text, videos, links, etc. super fast. Even from your cell phone! So you and your friends can keep up with each other easily and still get that little day-to-day connection that doesn’t exist in a weekly email. Warning: Tumblr is highly addicting.

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