Preggers: Piece of Cake?

Finding ourselves restless and deliriously ADD by Christmas night, my sister and I escaped our minimum security prison (i.e. home) for a movie date to see Juno, that new film with uber-talented Ellen Page, so-endearing-you-want-to-bite-him Michael Cera, and Jennifer Garner.

Anyway, halfway through the movie I realized how strange it is how much pregnancy has been belittled through the media lately? First there was Knocked Up, which basically made a huge (and addictively funny) joke out of getting preggo off a one-night-stand, something I’m sure girls everywhere didn’t exactly have on their Christmas list.

Then, there’s the crazy celebrity baby boom what with J.Lo, Nicole Richie, Jessica Alba, oh hey and now, the Mini Spears, now that’s hot. With so many preg-celebs with tabloids booming, “Mommy-to-be-still beautiful as ever!” and whatever else they cook up, I just feel like everwhere I turn it’s preggo this preggo that.

And now this Juno. Don’t get me wrong I l-o-v-e these movies, but it’s interesting to note that the characters that get knocked up don’t seem to have any plans for the future, goals or aspirations. These movies make pregnancy seem like a simple 9 months out of life, no big ya dig? I’m just hoping the younger viewers get that it’s all a joke, that no, getting preggers is not equivalent to scoring that Marc Jacobs bag Hilary Duff’s been carrying around, and that pregnancy does in fact result in, well, a screaming crying pooping breathing infant.

Funny how the movies don’t really show ya THAT?

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