My Freshman Year: Day 125

Days as a Freshman: 125

Mood: Rested. Finally.

“What are you planning on doing today?”

My mom flitted around me, putting silk napkins down at the empty place settings and touching the pine branch centerpiece. She was anxious. I can always tell when my mom is anxious because she hovers, does everything twice, and buzzes around a space without sitting down for hours.

Her parents were coming up, driving all day from Pennsylvania. They had been driving all day yesterday too. Their long journey meant that as soon as they got here, my grandparents would drive my mom insane. It wasn’t that they weren’t nice people. They were very nice; they just had a habit of making everyone feel like they should be praised for the sacrifices they made for their child. A lot.

“I’m not sure what I’m gonna do. Probably nothing.” I took a bite of cereal and watched my mom touch the tablecloth for the seventh time. It was only 9:30 in the morning, and she was already up and showered and in full hostess mode. I was still in my pajamas. I had been in my pajamas for the last day and a half. It was great.

“You should really get up and get out.” She frowned at an invisible stain on one of the napkins. “Being inside all this time isn’t good for you.”

“Mom. I just got home.”

“So? Vacation doesn’t mean you hibernate for weeks. Sometimes you can be quite lazy, Miss.”

“Yeah…” I took another bite of cereal, choosing to take the high road in this argument. I may be lazy after an entire semester of college, but she went absolutely anal every time her parents came to visit.

“Did you meet a lot of nice people this semester?” Picking at the non-stained napkin with one hand, my mom looked over at me and touched my head with the other. “You’re never very forthcoming on the phone.”

“That’s because I live with two other girls,” I reminded her. “One of whom is insanely nosey.”

“Are you going to say hi to that boy…?” She left her hand on my head, but I could tell she was staring at the napkin again. “The one who came over on Thanksgiving?”

“Daniel?” I flinched a little; embarrassed that she even remembered him. “No. I mean, we’re not really friends or anything.

“Really?” She held the napkin up to the light. “He seemed nice. A little…odd. But very nice. That damn washing machine didn’t take the grape stain out!” My mom walked away from me, the chances of her really hearing anything I had just said very slim. When she was in her Everything Must Be Perfect mode, her concentration was limited to one thing at a time.

I finished my cereal in silence, enjoying the quiet and the mental softness of knowing I had nothing to do for an entire week and a half. I was going back to school early in January for a winter course, but until then, there was nothing to think about except sleeping, watching bad television, and sleeping some more.

Well…and Justin. Obviously I was going to think about him way too much. Obviously I was going to check my email four times a day to see if he had sent something. He was going to be on my mind.

Unfortunately and definitely.

A Ring By Spring: The MRS Degree
A Ring By Spring: The MRS Degree
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