Are You A Fridgewatcher? You Will Be.

Try as I might, I just can’t keep my fridge looking nice.

For one thing, it’s small and has to house two sets of foodstuffs (me and my roommate’s), and for another, it was already gross when we moved in.

Every once in a while the roommate or I will feebly attempt to sponge off decades worth of black stuff that better not be anything other than mold, or Lysol the whole thing in hopes of dispelling that slightly musky odor that just won’t go away, but no matter what we try, our fridge seems destined to be nothing but a crappy machine that keeps our milk cold.

Some people, however, love their fridges. Something about their fridges makes them proud.

So proud, in fact, that they want the world to know how deep their mechanical love goes.

That’s where Fridgewatcher comes in. A website devoted entirely to photos of refrigerators, Fridgewatcher aims to give people all over the world an opportunity to share every inch of their fridge.

People send in photos, those photos are uploaded, and then…the watching begins.

True to their name, there isn’t much else to do on the Fridgewatcher site besides stare at still pictures of other people’s iceboxes. I know that might sound boring, but believe me, there’s something strangely engrossing about seeing how people arrange their food.

Do people in Chile eat the same things as people in Demark? What country has the worst looking fridges? And how much soda do Americans really buy?

The questions can go on for hours, so don’t go visiting Fridgewatcher without adequate time to ponder the finer aspects of fridges. Because honestly, you will.

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