Brit’s Lawyers Quit, We Become Her Only Hope

When lawyers are afraid of you, you know there’s a problem.
As of Wednesday, Britney Spears’s custody battle just got a little more unbelievable. Her lawyers, the law firm Trope and Trope, asked to be “relieved” as her attorneys, explaining that communicating with the spiraling celebrity is “impossible.”
I mean, what is the girl doing?
How far gone do you have to be to ignore high-powered lawyers who’s only job is to help you? It’s like she’s totally forgotten about the two kids she squeezed out of her vajayjay only a few years ago, and instead believes her days should be spent driving around aimlessly and sleeping with nasty, nasty paparazzi (who are most likely getting ready to sell their story to the first magazine that jumps).
Even though there’s an election coming up, there’s global warming to think about, and things overseas aren’t looking that good, I think America needs to band together to get B. Spears off the streets and into rehab. This is something we can all connect to; all ages and races and economic standing, no matter who you are, you know this chick ain’t right in the head.
I mean, any day now she’s gonna storm out of her house wielding a garden hoe with her underwear on over her head and take some unsuspecting photographer hostage. Do we really want to be responsible for that?
Let’s do each other a favor and find a way to redirect this trainwreck back into the station for some much needed therapy and vegetables (I get the feeling she doesn’t eat many of those).
Seriously people, we’re all she’s got.

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