New Libido Gel Offers Staying Power for Women (*see a doctor if your erection lasts longer than 4 hours)

Apparently, a lot of women suffer from low libido.
According to ABC News, hypoactive sexual desire disorder, which sounds very clinical but for the most part I’m pretty sure refers to a lowered sex drive caused by life (hormones, supplements, exhaustion), affects about one-third of American women. That’s a lot of headaches.
Deciding that it just isn’t fair women still get the short end of the stick (ha ha) when it comes to sexual desire later on in life, scientists have been busy developing a Viagra-like product called LibiGel. Although it’s still in the testing stage, LibiGel had a reportedly “283 percent increase of satisfying sexual encounters for the women taking the drug” in trials at 17 different institutions.
The gel comes in a pump bottle, and a small amount is rubbed into the skin of a woman’s upper arm. Over a period of 24 hours, “the gel’s testosterone seeps into her bloodstream, boosting her energy and libido.”
It’s not clear if LibiGel makes a gal want to go all night long, or only for a few hours after it’s seeped into her bloodstream, but either way, as long as the ads on TV are less stupid than those Viagra-Guy-Throws-A-Football-Through-a-Tire-Swing, I don’t think LibiGel will have much of a problem finding an audience.
Finding a man to try it out on, well, that’s a different story.

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