My Freshman Year: Day 143

Days as a Freshman: 143
Mood: Weirded out
“So you know what I was thinking?” Sasha pushed his empty coffee cup across the table. “I was thinking you should come to a party we’re having this weekend.”
Sasha, Justin and I had spent the last 20 twenty minutes making more small talk than I had ever made in my entire life. Sports, weather, school, assignments, the holidays, favorite cookie flavor; anything small and miniscule, we covered it. Or rather, Sasha and I covered it. Justin spent most of the time staring at Sasha with a frustrated expression, turning it up into a cheap imitation of a smile whenever his friend looked his way.
“It won’t be one of our famous ragers”, Sasha grinned and flicked his cup even farther away from him, “just a bunch of us guys and some other lucky people spending their January breaks in front of books.”
“I don’t know if she’ll like it, dude.” Justin was doing his best impression of easy going. “She’s kind of low key. Right, Grace?”
“Of course she’ll like it! It’s a party, dumb ass. Who doesn’t like parties?”
Sasha and Justin stared at each other for a minute, something snapping and cracking in the air above them. Their voices didn’t sound hostile, and their faces certainly didn’t show anything angry, but the unmistakable electricity of tension was still there.
If you had told me months ago that I would be invited to a party full of popular, good looking guys in college, I would have never believed it—but I’d also secretly hope you were telling the truth. Now, even though I was sitting in front of two boys who’s faces I’d been collectively dreaming about for an entire semester, I wasn’t sure I wanted to say yes to Sasha’s offer.
All of the hazy facts and fiction surrounding him and the soccer house still made me nervous. In the last couple of weeks before break, the whispers and debates around campus had quieted, but I still couldn’t stop thinking about it. Something still felt off and wrong to me. So much still didn’t make sense.
Plus, the way Justin’s eyes went wide at the mention of the party made me instantly cautious. Why had he said I wouldn’t like it? Did he just think I was too square to have fun, or was there another reason?
“So what do you say, Grace? It’s this Friday.” Sasha leaned across the table and grinned a grin he must have practiced in the mirror, it was so adorable. “Free alcohol. Lots of cool people. We only invite cool people.”
“What time…?” I spoke slowly, trying to look at Justin for clues. But Sasha wouldn’t take his eyes off of me.
“Around ten, maybe?” Sasha flicked his cup and it bounced off my hands. “You’ll have fun. Promise. Justin can even babysit you all night if he wants.”
“Shut up.” Justin mumbled and leaned back in his hair, crossing his arms over his chest in resignation.
His actions only made Sasha smile wider.
“We’ll see you there, then.” Getting up from the table, Sasha pulled on the heavy sweatshirt he had hung over his chair. “Justin and I gotta head over the library. Fucking extra English Comp assignment.”
Looking at me quickly, Justin stood up too, pulling on his jacket and doing his best to say something with his eyes. “I’ll see you around, Grace.”
I couldn’t tell what he was trying to tell me. But there was no way to ask, so I just watched Justin and Sasha walk away, pushing through the glass doors and out into the windy night.

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