80’s Music Makes You Skinny

I don’t really exercise. Don’t care for it too much. My excuse being, I live in Manhattan and walk constantly, so shut up.
On the rare occasion that I am feeling spunky, however, I will work out and take it to the Elliptical, a.k.a the Poor Man’s Treadmill, just like this hottie. But I cannot and will not work out, if I don’t have good music to help me on my sweaty, fat-burning journey. And that music best suited for my JOURNEY? 80’s music. Journey. 80’s music.
The New York Times just featured an article on the effect that certain songs have on us while we exercise, and while it’s not all that exciting or earth-shattering to read that faster songs correspond to a faster heart rate (NO SH*T, really?) it is pretty interesting to see some of the suggestions of songs to add to our playlists, to help pump us up and keep us motivated.
Self.com is a website after my own heart, as the NYTimes article mentions they chose Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go as a workout playlist hit. There is nothing like a good Wham! classic to really get me going. Which got me thinking of one of my personal workout faves which is also from the 80’s, called Baby I’m a Star. It was originally sung by Prince, but in my opinion, The Lil’ Soul Man does it waaay better. Plus, his backup dancers are rocking those shoulder pads, and his wig is amazing.
The article also touches on the fact that the messages behind songs could also provide motivation while working out. For example, the theme from Rocky makes us automatically want to kick ass.
Which, again, got me thinking of other motivational songs which just happen to be from the 80’s, that include Eye of the Tiger, Maniac and Footloose.
So really, if there’s anything to be learned from this NYTimes article, it’s not that we should find inspiration through music in order to become healthier people, or that there’s a certain tempo to look for in these songs in order for them to get our hearts to the proper rate (between 120 and 140 beats-per-minute, or B.P.M.).
It’s really not at all that scientific, and no, New York Times, I will not be adding Don’t Phunk With My Heart to my workout playlist. No thanks. I will listen to 80’s music when (and if) I work out.
Maybe then I will upgrade to the treadmill.

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