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Booze and Exercise = Healthiest Combo



Being a calorie conscious college girl made it hard for me to slurp down alcohol without feeling even the smallest pang of remorse for all of the empty calories I was ingesting. Hitting up the school gym on a regular basis made that guilt slightly less. After a big night of parties, nothing made me feel better than sweating it out on the treadmill. Even though I’m sure the calorie exchange was not equal (i.e. I consumed more than I burned), this give and take kept me healthy but still able to enjoy the social scene.

And now, Dannish researchers have proven that I may have been onto something!

According to, “Scientists followed 12,000 participants for 20 years and found that, regardless of how much they exercised, those who drank in moderation were about 30% less likely to develop heart disease than teetotalers. Physically active drinkers saw 50% less risk than non-active non-drinkers.”

Now, keep in mind that when people refer to “drinking in moderation” they usually mean only one drink per day– or no more than seven drinks per week. So, unfortunately, for most college students, sticking to this low standard is difficult. Regardless, I find it encouraging to know that science has proven fit people can embrace the booze for time to time as well, and it’s actually good for their health.

I’ll drink to that! (and then jump on the treadmill…)

    Midwesterner turned big city gal by way of upstate NY for four awesome years of the co-ed experience. Currently rocking NYC and the recent post-grad life, but secretly pretending I'm still in college and sitting in my sorority dining room dishing with girlfriends about the events of previous night.