Down with Halo, up with Bowling!

My boyfriend and I decided to live together- crazy idea, I know! When we weren’t at classes or work I would be cleaning and doing laundry. He, on the other hand, would throw in a big dip and attempt to master Halo 1, 2 or 3 – like I cared what he was playing. All I knew was he was always shooting at things and the game never seemed to end.
My lack of interest completely frustrated him to the point where we took a field trip to the Game Stop. He told me I could choose a game for us to play, and so he bought me whichever ones I had shown the slightest interest. I know he was hoping to bring our relationship to the next level, true love, XBOX-love. I chose some stupid car game and pretended to like it for all of a day and then went back to cleaning and bitching on my days off.
In December, my boyfriend began talking about Nintendo Wii, lucky ME!!! Now, I of course already bought his present and surprise- it wasn’t a Nintendo Wii. Naturally, all I heard about was this Wii each day until he finally ordered one from
I had seen the game on commercials and even watched some people play at a party once but in the end, I truly lacked the interest that a new Wii owner should possess. Deep inside I thought it was just another video game that was going to keep him from picking up his dirty underwear or loading the dishwasher. So Christmas Eve, while my boyfriend was taking a snooze on the couch, his Wii is delivered.
I have to be honest, the thought of hiding it until after the holidays did run through my head. I feared that it would be a Merry Christmas with his ass plastered to the couch playing games. I couldn’t hide it though knowing how he had been checking the UPS tracker every day, hell two or three times a day. He had to see how close the Wii was from our apartment, and then update me on its location. He probably would have freaked out if the tracker said delivered and I hadn’t given the damn thing to him. So, I woke him and I will never forget his face. It was the second time that I had ever seen him so excited. The first time is for a different article.

It took him all of 10 minutes to have the system out of the box, up and running. His speed was actually quite impressive. He played the game for the rest of the day and even brought it with him to my family’s house and had them all playing and enjoying it. I refused to play it until we were back home the day after Christmas. I decided then that I would like to try Wii bowling. I am really a horrible bowler, at the alley, but thought this may be a bit different. I was right!

I have continually kicked his ass at Wii bowling for almost a month now and never been happier. We are even having a Wii bowling party later this month so I can beat all his friends too. I mean how cool is it to bowl in your living room? No more podiatrist bills from wearing those disease breeding bowling shoes, or worries of how you will get home after too many drinks at those classy bowling bars. I can now bowl in my pajamas and slippers in the privacy of my home. Hell, I don’t even have to wear my pajamas and slippers to bowl, I can wear nothing at all. There are so many positives to the Wii. There are so many other sports games that come with the system too- so if your thing is tennis, golf, or baseball you can beat your guys at all those games too! Our apartment may not be as clean as it was in the Halo3 days but at least I am having fun now and my man is so happy there is a game we can play together!

Don’t settle for your boyfriend’s Halo3 rut, be the cool girlfriend with interest in the newest game system. Talk up the Wii! Not only will he think it is a great idea but it is something you will actually enjoy doing together. The days of sitting on the couch playing video games is something of the past. It’s time you get up, play with him, and most importantly kick his ass!

Myspace is the New Giant Lollipop… when it comes to luring children
Myspace is the New Giant Lollipop… when it comes to luring children
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