Quickie: Male Strippers, Hot or Not?



In a recent conversation, the topic of male strippers came up (actually, this topic comes up in more conversations of mine than you’d think). Being the kind of girl who’s seen Chippendales a few times, I didn’t see anything wrong with hot guys dancing (kind of laughably) in almost no clothing. To me, it’s just one of God’s many gifts.

A friend of mine, however, saw it as the exact opposite. In her opinion, male strippers not only emasculated themselves, but ruined their attractiveness level by attempting to attain the ideal hot guy persona: shaved chest, oiled body, and perfectly manicured hair.

I was shocked and horrified. Male strippers may be hilarious, but denying their hotness seems like a sin. Besides, most people don’t bat an eyelash when it comes to chicks taking off their clothes.

What do YOU think?

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