“The Hills” Gets Real About Being Fake

Much like Heidi’s face and body, The Hills isn’t real.
The self-described Queen of all Media recently broke the story most of us already knew to be true when he reported that episodes of The Hills are about to shown in the UK with a pre-show disclaimer: “The following programme may contain scenes that have been created purely for entertainment purposes.”
The only news to me is that people didn’t know that The Hills wasn’t real in the first place. It’s not totally fake, but come on. How could you not know the scenes were set up?
I mean, it spun off from “Laguna Beach,” which asked its season two “stars”, Jessica and Jason, to recreate the break up that they’d had on a weeknight, since MTV only filmed the show from Thursday through Sunday.
We also had this fantastic account from Gavin the Model about the fakery and insipidness that is Lauren, Spencer, and Heidi (and the potential coolness of Brody Jenner).
Is the ‘news’ in this story that The Hills creators are being up front with the British audience while in the States we’ve had it revealed to us through the likes of Perez Hilton and other bloggers?
In our love of reality shows, we seem to place more emphasis on the world ‘reality’ than we should, though I can kind of understand the ‘outrage’ concerning this issue–if there is any. Why can’t MTV be as straight up with viewers in the US as they’re being with the viewers in Europe? Do they think we’re less mature? More naive?
Well, probably because it doesn’t matter so much. People around here are still going to watch, no matter if it’s totally real or not.
It’s the freaking Hills.
In other news, Spencer is evil and Heidi’s chin weighs 8 pounds.

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